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What To Look For In An Emergency Jacksonville Plumber?

It’s the weekend. You get up to make breakfast, and as you enter the kitchen, you see water covering the floor. Alarmed, you look at the sink thinking that maybe you left the faucet on last night, but there’s no drop in sight… except for the flood on the floor. 

There’s no way you can turn on any appliances because water and electricity don’t mix well. This situation calls for an emergency plumber now! 

You don’t feel like calling the local plumber because he always arrives late. You don’t know what you are dealing with, and the best thing to do right now would be to shut off the main water valve. With that done, you can now call a plumber. 

If you are searching for a plumbing service online, you will come across dozens of websites claiming that they offer “emergency service.” The question is: How can you be sure that the service they will provide will be of high quality and delivered promptly? Following are a few things you need to consider before hiring an emergency Jacksonville plumber: 

Response Time 

The word “emergency” in the service tells a customer that the plumber will arrive within minutes of calling him. Since plumbing issues are difficult to deal with, especially at odd hours, they can cause quite a destruction if not dealt with quickly. Not only does the mess damage your house, but it also puts your life in danger. In such a situation, when you can get an emergency plumber, you expect them to visit even at 2 A.M. This brings us to our next point: 

24-Hour Service 

When it comes to emergency plumbing service, being available 24/7 is essential. Emergencies can happen at any time. So, whether you are dealing with impossible drain clogs, complete water loss, or massive leaks, you need to be able to get it fixed at any time of the day or not. Rely on plumbers promising to offer their services round the clock and round the week. 

Level of Expertise 

A plumber’s experience tells you how well-versed they are with simple and complex repairs. A plumber who has worked for 10 years will be able to fix a leaky faucet in just a few minutes, whereas one with 2 years of experience will first assess the situation and then come up with a work plan. A plumber’s ability to offer quick solutions is what matters above all else. You can know how long a plumber has been in the business by visiting their website or looking at their license. 

Services Offered 

Plumbing encompasses a variety of services such as water heaters, toilet repairs, broken pipes, drain, and sewer cleaning, pipe replacement, sewer line replacement, pipeline inspection, high-pressure pipeline jetting, gas line installation, faucet repair, remodeling, and more. An emergency plumber should be able to provide solutions for all these problems and then some. 

License and Insurance 

One of the most important things to remember when hiring any contractor is to ask for their license. This ensures that they work within legal boundaries and are backed by the appropriate body. Whether you are hiring an independent plumber or someone from an agency, both must have a license that states they have the authority to work in the state. As for insurance, it saves you from incurring liability. For example, a plumber fixing a broken pipe in your basement gets injured as he slips due to the water. The company will be responsible for paying his medical bills because he was injured while on the job. 


Last but not least is the reputation of the plumber. You wouldn’t want to hire a plumber who has bad reviews on the internet. You could ask your family members or friends for references. Call the plumber directly and chat with him to find out how friendly he is. If he keeps talking about the cost of the repairs, he’s not your guy. 

And these are the points you should look for in an emergency plumber. From how fast they reach you to being available 24/7, having at least a decade of experience, offering multiple services, having a license and being insured, and having a good reputation, these factors help you decide whether you should hire the plumber or not. When reading reviews, don’t forget to look for one that describes how they deal with customers. 

Metro Rooter offers 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Jacksonville. To get in touch with them, call on (904) 567-3775

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