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Debunking Home Plumbing Myths

It’s those “tried and true” pieces of wisdom that have been passed on from your grandmother’s mother’s mother to you. When it comes to those quick fixes around the home, we’ve all made the mistake of trying something that we’ve seen on the Internet or heard of from a neighbor – those tidbits are oversimplified, or in most cases, just plain wrong.

Put Lemons in Your Disposal to Make It Smell Fresh

When life gives you lemons, resist putting them down the disposal. You might give your kitchen that sweet, fresh aroma for a little while but eventually, the citric acid from lemons corrodes the metal inside your disposal.

Instead, use ice to polish your disposal from the inside out. It works much like a rock tumbler polishing rocks. Don’t let the noise scare you, it’s loud but it works.

In-Tank Cleaners Will Keep Your Toilet Sparkling and Smelling Fresh

Don’t let the advertisements fool you – “in tank” cleaner ads that promise to decrease the time you spend on your knees scrubbing toilets are false. These products bleach build-up white, but don’t get rid of it. Eventually, the build-up will ruin your toilet.

Instead, try vinegar down the overflow tube. Vinegar removes the odor and build-up that can damage the flow of your toilet.

Run Water while Using the Garbage Disposal to Help it Run Smoothly

We’ve seen it done all of our lives – use water with your garbage disposal to wash waste down the drain. Unfortunately, the following waste with water doesn’t help if the blockage has already happened before the water shows up.

Instead, fill the sink basin with water, so that the waste is separated. Waste should flow easily down the drain.

As Long as it Goes Down the Drain, Everything’s All Right

Even if you can’t see it, food like pasta and rice will bloat in pipes, which causes clogs. As a result, the blockage keeps other waste from passing through the pipes. Inevitably, you will see the build-up progress over time until the drain is completely clogged.

To avoid this situation, use sinks, toilets, and showers correctly. When using your shower, place a hair screen in the drain to reduce clogs.

Water and Soap on Bathroom Fixtures Makes Them Sparkle

After washing your hands at the sink, you turn off the faucet leaving a small amount of soap across the fixture. It seems like no big deal, right? Think again. Water and soap may cause faucets and fixtures to corrode, which will make them peel and bubble.

Instead, wipe fixtures after use. It might take an extra hand after every wash, but it will pay off in the long run as it will prevent unsightly corroding.

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