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7 Ways To Conserve Water

In Jacksonville, Florida, it may seem difficult to conserve water especially in the hot summer months. However, it’s simpler than you think to conserve water to save money and the earth.

Believe it or not, our water supply is finite. In fact, 97% of all of the water on the earth is salt water, which is not suitable for drinking. Only 3% of all of the water is fresh water, and only 1% is available for drinking water. The other 2% is stuck in ice caps and glaciers. With all the people on earth relying on the same, small supply of water, it only makes sense that we preserve and conserve our water. Additionally, monitoring the amount of water you use will assist you in saving money on your water and energy bills.

  • Purchase a spring-loaded timer to prevent excessive watering of your lawn during the summer. The timer attaches directly to your outside faucet to prevent over-watering.
  • Check your water meter when there is no water in your home being used. Make note of the meter reading then check it 8 to 10 hours later. If the meter moved, then you might have an undetected water leak. Contact Metro Rooter to find and correct the leak.
  • Correct leaky faucets as they can drip once per second, which wastes more than 8 gallons a days. That adds up to 3,000 gallons per year!
  • Replacing an old shower head can save up to 7.5 gallons of water per minute without sacrificing your shower.
  • Monitor your water bill for unusually high use. Your bill and water meter are tools that can help you discover leaks.
  • Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you will save up to 150 gallons per month.
  • Fix a slowing drain immediately with the help of Metro Rooter. If you stop a stalled drain before it becomes a clogged one, you can save yourself money, time, and the hassle of a completely non-functioning drain.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money and conserve energy, contact our plumbing experts at Metro Rooter. One of our friendly professionals will happily come to your home or business to investigate your water usage and offer expert suggestions.

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