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Home Remedies For A Clogged Sink

It’s inevitable that every homeowner will eventually have a dreaded bathroom or kitchen clogged sink. A clogged sink is the result of built-up scum in the pipeline that has occurred over time. When you pour sticky or oily substances into the sink, then the build-up can increase more quickly. Here are some at-home remedies to try that are considered safe and effective.

Pour boiling water down the drain. Most clogged drains are the result of a combination of hair, soap, and tepid water. If you have metal pipes, try boiling, hot water to break up the build-up. This is only safe if you have metal pipes – not plastic PVC pipes. After the water hits over 175 degrees Fahrenheit, it can soften some types of PVC pipe and it may loosen joints. It’s also important to pour the water down the drain and not directly onto the porcelain. If that doesn’t work, then it’s on to the plunger.

Take out the plunger. Seal the sink overflow outlet with duct tape before beginning to plunge. Fill the sink bowl halfway with water. Place the cup plunger over the drain hole then make sure it has a good seal against the surface. Use quick, sharp plunges to remove the obstruction then check the drainage.

Put down the chemical drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners are not only harmful to the environment or the drain pipes in your home. At Metro Rooter, we care about your home and your investment so we recommend a drain cleaning service provided by a professional plumber in lieu of damaging your pipes with a chemical cleaner.

To learn more about home remedies to alleviate your clogged sink, contact Metro Rooter today.

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