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Hurricane Season Is Coming. Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Septic System

As Floridians, we are all more than familiar with how dangerous hurricanes can be and all that comes with hurricane season. We can all agree that the biggest factor in determining what your damage will be is how you prepare. 

For many homeowners, the windows are the primary focus and that is where much of their preparation goes. But for homeowners who also have to worry about their septic system, preparing for hurricane season in Florida includes a bit more.

We’ve listed a few ways you can make sure your septic system is in great shape and ready for hurricane season. These tips will not only save you time but you can also have peace of mind knowing you’ve saved yourself thousands in repair costs.

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Septic System Inspection

The first step in ensuring the proper functioning of your septic system before and after a hurricane is to have a professional inspection done. By having an expert proactively assess your septic system you can avoid costly repair costs in the future.

Of course, you could do a visual inspection to see if there is any obvious damage, but you’ll want the experienced eyes of a professional to be sure.

Once you’ve scheduled a professional septic system inspection, you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed to ensure everything works properly.

Professional Repair & Maintenance

After having a septic system inspection done, you’ll want to fix any issues that were found or follow up on any recommendations that were made. Hurricane season in Florida is chaotic and even rainstorms can be a challenge. With that in mind, you don’t want to procrastinate with making any repairs to your septic system as floods can occur at any time.

According to the EPA, most septic systems fail because of design and poor maintenance. There isn’t much you can proactively do about poor design, but by properly maintaining your septic system you can avoid further damage to your system and your home once a storm hits.

A few common septic system problems you can avoid are:

  • Roots In or Near the Septic Tank
  • Animals or Debris In or Near the Septic Tank
  • Water Softener Damage
  • Bacteria and Enzyme Problems
  • & More

Prepare Your Yard

Once you’ve had your inspection and made the recommended repairs, you’ll want to check your yard to make sure everything is where it should be. In most cases, the technician from the septic system repair company will give you some insight into the details of your septic system.

They will be able to educate you on the different components of your system and which of those components are located throughout your yard.

You’ll want to make sure the tank is in a safe environment. This includes making sure the landscaping isn’t in the way, and making sure the soil, branches, or even the roots of trees that could be uprooted don’t run the risk of damaging your septic system during a hurricane.

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