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Which Septic Tank Repairs In Jacksonville Will Work The Best For You?

Septic tanks can handle a small amount of sewage for your property, and you can’t ignore obvious signs.

The longer you see things such as an overflow of raw sewage, the more dangerous things become for the water on the property. Over time, these issues can contaminate what you are using for drinking, cooking, and washing your clothes. You can also develop health problems and possibly die from a contaminated septic system. 

If you act quickly, the problem can be prevented, and you won’t have to worry about the situation becoming worse. A professional can come out and perform a septic tank repair to ensure that everything runs properly. We use several repairs to deal with your septic tank issues and get your system back to normal. Keep reading to learn more.


At least once a year, you need to have pumping performed on your septic tank to prevent the buildup of sludge. Sludge is raw sewage that rises over time and can clog the septic tank’s intake and outtake pipes.

If left unaddressed, the sludge will back up into your home, on the ground, and seep into the water pipes. These challenges pose health hazards including allergies, loss of consciousness, and asphyxiation.

The best approach is to have a professional come out and pump out all of the sludge from the septic tank. You can keep these levels low and never have to worry about overflows causing more significant headaches in the future.

Metro Rooter is the one place that can handle any septic tank issues including residential, industrial, and commercial. Since 1978, we have been serving Jacksonville with the finest water and waste treatment services. We are the go-to company for septic tank services in Jacksonville, and no job is too big or small.

Broken Pipes

Pipes move the sewage to the drain field and can become damaged by roots, leaves, branches, debris, and weather. When a pipe is leaking, you want to bring in a professional to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. The sooner you act, the less likely you will see further damage and more significant issues from the septic tank.

Metro Rooter can inspect and repair your pipes using video technology to determine where you have an issue. We know septic tanks and have the experience to diagnose and repair your pipes before things become worse.

The Baffle Diagnostic and Replacement

All septic tanks have baffles inside that protect the drain field against solid waste forming and water seeping to the surface. Baffles prevent raw sewage from leaving your tank and getting into the drain field.

Sometimes, the baffle becomes damaged from sulfuric acid or rust and reduces the effectiveness of preventing waste from leaving the septic tank. In these situations, you should hire a professional that knows how to troubleshoot and fix what is happening.

When the baffle starts to fail, you are typically looking at more extensive problems with the septic tank. A trained professional can identify what is occurring and figure out strategies to address these issues.

Metro Rooter knows all of the challenges with septic tanks, from the drain fields to the baffle. We have the permits, knowledge, and expertise to assist you with any septic tank issues.

Drain Field Failures

You have a specific timeline with drain fields, as the layers become thicker and the water does not have much room to pass through. These situations cause grease and waste to accumulate and clog, pushing the water to the surface.

Periodically, you want to have the drain field inspected, cleaned, and repaired to keep everything running at optimal levels. A trained professional has experience with these issues and can help you to ensure your drain field remains clear.

Metro Rooter works on all septic tanks, and we can help with the issues you have in your drain field.

All of these septic tanks repairs in Jacksonville are a necessary part of maintenance and should be taken care of periodically. Call Metro Rooter today at (904) 567-3775 to see why we are Jacksonville’s number one septic tank services company. 

The longer you ignore your septic tank problems, the more likely things will become worse, so don’t wait.

We are located on Normandy Boulevard, near the Herlong Recreational Airport and the Herlong Community Center.

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