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The Best Ways To Improve Your Septic Tank Maintenance In Jacksonville

Septic tanks are common in those areas where you are not connected to the public sewer system.

Across the country, 21 million households use septic tanks for all of their sewage needs.

The challenge is that not doing the proper maintenance can cause your septic tank to back up. Typically, you need to have your septic tanks cleaned every three to five years.

You can improve the effectiveness of your septic tank by doing some things to help maintain it. We look at the best practices for septic tank maintenance in Jacksonville.

Inspection and Pumping

In general, you want to inspect your septic tanks at least once every two to three years. The frequency and amount of inspection will vary depending on the size of the tank, household, total amounts of wastewater, and volume.

We recommend calling our professionals if you are unsure and letting us inspect the septic tank for you.

Metro Rooter has 44 years of experience doing septic tank maintenance in Jacksonville. We know what to do to ensure that your septic tank continues to work properly.

Water Usage

The average septic tank uses 70 gallons per individual daily and you want to make sure that you are using it correctly. The best approach is to eliminate as much waste as possible from leaky toilets and dripping faucets.

Several avenues to achieve these objectives are to use high efficient toilets, faucets, and washing machines. A high-efficiency toilet will reduce your wastewater by 25 % and decrease the load on the septic tank.

One way to improve the efficiency of your faucets is to install faucet aerators and high-efficiency showerheads. These devices restrict the flow and decrease the volume of the water.

In the case of your washing machines, select the proper load size to reflect the actual amount of laundry. You will waste less water and improve the useful life of your septic tank. Energy-efficient models can decrease these rates by as much as 35%.

We recommend calling us and having one of our professionals come out to educate you on effective septic tank management practices.

Metro Rooter specializes in everything involving septic tanks. We know what to do to get the most out of your septic tank and will give you insights to decrease water usage.

The Drainfield

The drain field is a component of the septic tank that removes liquid from the tank. Several things you can do to help maintain it include

Never parking on or near the drain field.

Planting trees a safe distance from the drain field to prevent roots and debris from getting into the septic tank.

Keep your sump pumps, roof drains, and rainwater drainage away from the drain field area. The extra water will slow down and can stop the waste treatment process.

If you are unsure about any of these, give us a call and our trained experts can give you specific advice on your drain field.

Metro Rooter is the one place for all of your septic tank needs. We have five-star reviews from our customers for professionalism, service, and experience. No one knows more about septic tanks than us.

We are the Septic Tank Experts!

These are some of the things you can do as far as maintenance on your septic tank. Call Metro Rooter today at (904) 567-3775 and see why we specialize in everything from maintenance to septic tank pumping in Jacksonville.

We can help and are located on Normandy Boulevard, near Whil’s Paintball. 

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