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What Is Pipe Jetting And How Is It Done?

If you are experiencing drainage problems, one of the plumbing pipes in your house might be blocked.

Let’s say that your toilet is backing up, which means anything from hair to pieces of paper products, tissues and waste have attached themselves to the pipe walls. The narrowing of the passage is no longer allowing anything to pass through, which is why when you try to flush your toilet, water comes up rather than going down. 

No matter how savvy you are with repairs, plumbing problems should always be taken care of by a professional, especially a blockage such as the one explained above. Your DIY hack might result in a broken pipe, which can cost you a complete removal and new installation.

Don’t worry because we have the answer to your problem before things escalate.

The Solution: Pipe Jetting

Before we talk about what pipe jetting is, let’s take a look at the causes of blocked sewer drains:

Reasons Behind Blocked Sewer Drains

Think of the sewer drain as the main artery, which connects all of your home’s waste drains. Water and waste from the toilet, bathtub, garbage disposals, laundry room, kitchen sink, and shower all flow down to the main sewer.

You can imagine the responsibility these pipes carry, and from time to time, the pressure gets too much, which causes a blockage. Here are the common causes behind a blockage:

  • Dental Floss
  • Hair
  • Baby Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Grease and Cooking Oil
  • Food Particles
  • Inevitable Mineral Buildup

Signs the Drain is Blocked

  • The toilet is making gurgling noises
  • The toilet overflows when flushed
  • Water comes out from the bathtub’s drain when the toilet is flushed
  • There’s a bad smell in the bathroom and kitchen, and it seems to be coming from the drain
  • Water goes slowly down the drain or not at all

Knowing where to look is the key to clearing a blocked drain. This is where video pipe inspection comes in. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it helps with plumbing problems:

Fiber-Optic Pipeline Video Inspection

When there’s a leak in the sewer line and the suspects are either an obstruction or a broken pipe, a fiber-optic pipeline video inspection is used to find what’s causing the problem. A rod with a camera attached to its end is inserted into the pipe to see where the blockage is located and what it is.

The high-resolution camera captures the site of the blockage, which can be seen by a technician above ground on a monitor. The video is recorded and stored in a USB so the homeowner can see what caused a blockage.

This diagnostic tool is used for many underground services, which include:

  • Finding points of corrosion, breakage, and punctures
  • Pinpointing clogs and grease buildups
  • Seeing the clog’s position
  • Identifying points of termination and misalignment, laterals, and vaults
  • Determining the grade, layout, and depth of the sewer and utility pipes
  • Locating non-detectable storm and sanitary laterals
  • Detecting future problems and potential weak points
  • Verifying whether the current conditions follow regulations

What Is Pipe Jetting?

Pipe jetting, also known as water jetting or hydro jetting, is an efficient, non-invasive, environmentally-friendly, and safe drain cleaning system.

It helps homeowners keep their drainage system clean, free from stubborn and hazardous blockages, and healthy. It is used to maintain commercial, residential, and municipal drainage systems.

How Does Pipe Jetting Work?

Once the blockage’s location is found using video inspection, water is blasted into the pipe using high pressure via a special nozzle or hose into the drain. Depending on the pipe’s size and how big the blockage is, the water pressure is between 1,500 PSI and 4000 PSI.

This pressure dislodges the stubborn dirt and clogs and washes it down into the sewer system. Pipe jetting should be used by professionals only as they determine the length and size of the hose, pick the right nozzle, and know the amount of pressure needed to clear the drain, which can be complex for homeowners. If done by amateurs, there’s a risk of damaging the plumbing system, which might result in a broken pipe.

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