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What’s The Estimated Cost Of Sewer Pipe Repair In Jacksonville Florida?

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A sewer repair in Jacksonville, Florida by a Jupiter plumber is between $3,000 and $30,000. The final cost for this sewer line replacement depends on several factors. Here are the signs a pipe repair is needed and what’s involved.

Signs of a Sewer Pipe Issue

There Are Five Signs That You Could Have a Sewer Pipe Issue:

  1. A smell similar to rotten eggs, a skunk, or sewage
  2. Slow drainage in sink areas
  3. Backups in toilets and bathtubs/showers
  4. Sinkholes that form on your lawn
  5. A gurgling sound around drains

Types of Sewer Pipe Repair

A Jupiter plumber can perform two types of sewer repair. The conventional method is the most expensive due to manual sewer line replacement, which costs between $60 and $150 per foot. However, the overall costs of excavation and equipment add to the final price.

Trenchless repair costs more. The average is between $60 and $280 per foot of pipe. Yet, this repair method doesn’t require extensive digging and pipe removal. Thus, the overall cost is much lower.

Conventional Repairs

To start, our plumbers will determine the source of the problem. They will conduct a liquid smoke test if the issue is not visible. Running this through the lines results in puffs of smoke above the ground. This approach lets them determine exactly where the issue lies.

The conventional method of sewer line replacement is to excavate the broken pipe. This requires heavy equipment to dig up grass or, in some cases, pavement. Once this is completed, the plumbing service or another contractor repairs the open area.

Trenchless Repairs

A trenchless sewer repair by a Jupiter plumber is far less elusive. The liquid smoke test is still conducted. However, instead of excavation, a small incision is made in the area of the damaged pipe.

If the crack or hole is small enough, a sealant is inserted into the pipe to repair it. If the problem cannot be repaired, our plumbers will insert a new pipe into the broken one, breaking it off.

Instead of spending time re-turfing or repaving surfaces, the affected area is covered up again. As a result, the repair is barely noticed.

On top of this, the return on investment for the service is enhanced.

Have you noticed the signs of a sewer problem mentioned above? If so, contact us at Metro Rooter. We’ll come to your home or business to determine whether you truly have an issue. From there, our plumbers will determine whether they can find where the leak is and whether a trenchless or conventional repair is required.

Overall, don’t let a problem like this fester. The quicker it’s addressed, the less expensive it is. Contact us if you need residential, industrial, or commercial plumbing services.

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