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Five Causes Of Broken Pipes At Your Home

Broken or leaking pipes are a nightmare to solve. The constant dripping water from under the sink or the seeping moisture inside your bathroom walls can be a hassle. If thunderstorm season is around the corner, it means heightened stress levels. What if it rains during the night and the drainage system starts leaking? That’s why you must get the pipes fixed right away. 

Mending the broken pipe isn’t the only necessity you must perform. You must also understand the possible reasons for your leaking pipelines. That helps you to avoid the same mistakes and prevent future leakages.

So, if you’re wondering about the usual causes of broken pipes, here’s a quick session to address your queries! Below, we offer the six common reasons for a broken pipe.

1. Lack Of Regular Maintenance

A critical reason for your broken pipe is the absence of frequent maintenance. Many homeowners put plumbing repairs and inspections on hold to save their money. You don’t realize that you might save smaller costs to incur a much greater plumbing expense in the future.

Regular maintenance allows professional plumbers to identify possible reasons that might cause your pipes to leak or break in the future. They treat it right away and ensure smooth and functioning pipelines for quite some time. If you don’t constantly check on the flow of your drains and sewers, the issues might pile up to result in clogging and, eventually, a broken pipe!

2. Clogging

Water clogs might not sound like a pressing issue. However, if you don’t treat them, the clogging can increase and build pressure inside the pipes. The high pressure can even cause your pipes to leak. Clogging becomes even more threatening if it includes chemical and acidic substances. They encourage more pressure and can start corroding your pipelines from the inside.

3. Freezing Temperature

Dropping temperatures during winter is a sign to look out for a broken pipe. If it snows, the water can even freeze inside the pipelines. The frozen liquid can expand and cause tension in the lines, leading to your pipeline breaking and bursting.

One way to avoid this is by taking winter-proof measures. For instance, you can insulate your outdoor spigots. The heat can prevent the water flow from freezing or turning into a solid. You can also open the cabinets under your sinks open. That helps expose them to warm kitchen air from the indoor heating and stove heat.

4. Aging Pipes

If your pipes are old, they face higher risks of being broken. Moreover, if you have a family house or think your pipelines have been in use for several years, the more worn out they are likely to be. The excessive use and age indicate high corrosion that can cause them to crack and leak anytime.

If your pipelines are made from steel, you should get them inspected regularly. Steel can get eroded easily due to alkaline water, reducing the useful life of your pipes.

5. Water Pressure

High water pressure can cause your pipes to break and leak. Usually, water flows through a pressure regulator before it’s supplied to the residences. The regulator maintains the speed and intensity of the water to be not too slow nor too intense.

However, sometimes the regulator might not work correctly or break, allowing the water supply to before administering the speed. So, if the pressure gets too high for your pipelines, it causes breakage.

It’s always safer and better to treat your leaking pipelines right away. If you leave them ignored, you may spend more money changing the entire pipe later. So, regular plumbing inspections and repairs can ensure you save your finances for other pressing household matters.

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