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How To Deal With Broken Pipes During Summer

When a pipe bursts or leaks, you need to take it as an emergency situation. Your property and household items are at significant risk of getting damaged and losing their value because of a broken pipe. Jacksonville has severe and long hot summers, which could probably harm your water pipes. Pipes that are most frequently impacted are located on the outside walls of your home and in the heated areas.

We all agree that nobody wants the damages, costs, and masses created by bursting pipes to be handled. So, what causes these winter pipes to explode? People usually think that pipes are on break during the winter, but to your surprise, your pipes are not safe, and can experience a broken pipe during summer, a serious one. The damage can be very expensive and significant; however, preventive actions to avert harm can be implemented beforehand.

So, what causes your pipes to break, and how do you handle the situation? We have prepared this blog to help you understand the causes and preventive measures for a broken pipe. Jacksonville residents should definitely go through the following points to know how to deal with broken pipes and ensure that their home does not suffer from stress and distress.

Increased Water Requirements

Everyone is moving water from filling paddling pools and washing cars, to watering the lawn and the sprinklers. Due to this, in systems that have not been upgraded recently, faulted pipes may occur. You should search for lines that have gotten tangled during the winter season when you do your own testing.

Blocked Pipes

Clogging might cause your water pipe to explode when the temperature is too cold or too hot. To prevent these issues, you can keep your water pipe periodically. The chance of leakage is avoided through regular inspection by a professional plumber. It also ensures that your pipe’s lifespan does not depend on the weather. Accumulated material in sewage pipes limits flow and generates blockage of piping.

Tree roots can also cause blockage in pipes as they naturally grow toward the water. They can disrupt the water flow, which can increase the water pressure, and the line can burst.

Extreme Hot Weather

These conditions allow the pipes to move and eventually shatter. The pipe will burst in no time when there is a very high heat temperature for a long time and suddenly little rainfall. This is particularly the case if the pipes are not well maintained and in bad shape. The scorching temperature and rain cannot be resisted.

Damaged and Old Pipes

Like almost every other thing, pipes degrade and worsen over time. Metal pipes are particularly vulnerable to corrosion, while plastic pipes naturally break down over time. As your pipes worsen, they are increasingly likely to burst. Replace them before they fail you.

Apart from old age, metal pipes can also get rusty over time and may have weak or damaged joints and walls, resulting in a broken pipe. If you see brown or yellow water coming out of a faucet, take it as a sign and get it checked as soon as possible!

Contaminated Water

You might have further reasons to be concerned if your water has a high level of mineral content. In time, your pipes will accumulate mineral deposits. This increases the area of your lines, decreases the flow of water, and increases pressure. When the pressure surpasses the threshold of the pipe, the tube may explode.

When you reside in a region with a higher mineral content, sometimes called hard water, a water suppressant is an effective way of protecting your pipes from being fitted by one of our skilled plumbers. The water suppressors are meant to remove the majority of the minerals in your water and avoid the blockage of your pipes.

Final Words

It is best to stay prepared for any mishap that may lead to a damaged or broken pipe. Jacksonville residents deserve to have a peaceful summer and wintertime regardless of all these issues. So, you enjoy the weather and leave the dirty work to us! If you are worried about whom to call – look no further! Professionals at Metro Rooter are 24/7 ready to assist with broken pipes, repairs, and other cleaning services to resolve all your issues.

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