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Signs You Have A Broken Pipe

As a homeowner, your top priority is to make sure your largest investment is always protected. Nothing is truer when it comes to repairing a broken pipe in your home. Pipe repair is one of the most important Jacksonville Plumbing Services you may need in your home or business. These problems typically arise behind a wall or underneath a slab which makes it that much more difficult to identify without having a trained eye. There are many warning signs that can occur when you have a broken pipe. Below we have listed a few of the more common signs.

4 Common Signs of a Broken Pipe

  1. Low Water Pressure– This is typically the most common symptom of a broken pipe. You will notice low water pressure when showering, washing dishes, etc…If the pressure is low, that means water is escaping the pipe behind your wall or underneath your slab.
  2. Wet or Damp Walls & Floors– If you are noticing staining or damp drywall, loose tile on your shower walls, or damp concrete these are all signs of a water leak. You want to be diligent about addressing these issues ASAP. If left unattended it can cause significant damage to your home and mold growth, which in turn, can become a significant health hazard.
  3. Increase In Water Bill– A spike in your water bill can be a precursor to a water leak somewhere inside or outside your home. If you notice your meter continues to run even though the water in your home is turned off. You will want to inspect your entire home, to see if you can isolate the leak. A good indicator outside will be puddling or if you notice a patch of grass that is growing faster or greener than the rest of your yard.
  4. Water Contamination- You may notice sand, air, or rusty-colored water coming out of the faucet due to a crack or broken water pipe.

If you notice any of the mentioned warning signs you will want to have a licensed plumber inspect your water pipes. You never want to ignore these issues as this can cause significant damage to your home and potentially even cause health issues if the environment is conducive to mold growth.

We understand no one wants to spend money on plumbers; however, the problem may not be as serious as you may expect.

Plumber in Jacksonville: Metro Rooter

If you notice you are in need of pipe repair to your home or office, you should make Metro Rooter your primary choice for all plumbing and septic-related services. As one of the largest plumbers in Jacksonville, we have the manpower and experience to handle any plumbing-related issue. Our licensed technicians are extremely knowledgeable and have the tools and experience to make the necessary repairs. If you feel you have cracked or broken pipes, our plumbers will thoroughly inspect your home or business's plumbing. Metro Rooter also offers a video inspection to determine if your plumbing has been compromised due to blockage or any other issue.

At Metro Rooter we are just a phone call away. Whether it is an emergency plumbing situation, toilet repair, faucet repair, or pipe repair we can help put your mind at ease with our fast and reliable service. If you are in need of plumbing repair due to a broken pipe call us today (904) 567-3775

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