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Common Plumber Misconceptions

All of us have had to hire a plumber, whether it was a plumbing emergency, faucet installation, toilet installation, or pipe leak. Regardless of the reason, there are a lot of misconceptions about plumbers. Below are some of the more common stereotypes that plague our industry.

Common Plumbing Misconceptions

1. Plumbers are messy. At Metro Rooter this is absolutely false. Our Jacksonville plumbers go to painstaking lengths to make sure that before, during, and after a plumbing job we keep your property in better condition than we found it in. We pride ourselves in keeping our work areas clean and make sure we clean up after ourselves once we complete the job.

2. Plumbers do not conduct themselves professionally. When you think of a plumber you may think of someone who is rude, sloppy, and possibly smelly. Metro Rooter technicians are extremely professional; they wear professional uniforms and are polite and clean. We hire only the best in the industry which is why we have such a stellar reputation.

3. Plumbers are expensive and charge ridiculous overtime fees. Metro Rooter never charges overtime fees. Whether it is an emergency or a standard service call, our rates are the same.

4. Plumbers are just making up rates on the spot. At Metro Rooter our Jacksonville plumbers have years of experience and know how to evaluate each job and create an accurate estimate. We will always let you know what the problem is, our solution, and the cost prior to starting the repair.

5. Plumbers do the job and stick the customer with an outrageous bill. We never overcharge and always keep every customer up to speed with any additional problems we may find. There are never any surprises.

6. Plumbers add on additional hidden fees. Metro Rooter always offers upfront pricing to every customer. Our plumbers are experienced and honest and will never overcharge you for labor or materials.

7. Plumbers charge by the hour and take their time to charge more. Metro Rooter does not charge by the hour. We offer a flat rate price, so whether it takes 30 minutes or 3 hours to complete a job the rate will not change.

8. Plumbers use industry terminology to confuse and charge the customer more. We always try and explain everything in the simplest terms to alleviate confusion.

9. Plumbers think they know it all. Our plumbers know how important communication is to every customer. We will communicate our findings and provide you with the best options available. We respect your input and will listen to make sure we address your problems thoroughly and professionally.

10. Plumbers are often times rude. At Metro Rooter we only hire the most professional plumbers. We treat every client with respect.

Jacksonville Plumber – Why Metro Rooter is Different

At Metro Rooter we understand that many customers have dealt with other plumbing companies that have made a negative impression on them. At Metro Rooter our top priority is your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on hiring only the best technicians in the industry. We understand that being an exceptional plumbing company is more than fixing a broken pipe, repairing a water heater, or replacing a faucet. It is about not only being an expert in fixing plumbing problems, but it is also about being courteous and respectful to every customer we come in contact with. If you are in need of Jacksonville plumbing services contact us today (904) 567-3775

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