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How To Qualify A Jacksonville Plumbing Contractor

As many of us have experienced, when plumbing problems occur not only are they frustrating but they can be extremely costly. As homeowners when we encounter an emergency plumbing situation our default response is to call a plumber in Jacksonville and find out if they can get to the emergency immediately- no other questions asked. It is important to address the problem quickly, but more importantly is to find a qualified plumbing contractor.


1. Are you licensed? This is extremely important because the license helps ensure they have the experience and expertise needed to fix your problem right the first time. You can look up a plumber's license information by visiting the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations.
2. Are you insured and do you carry worker’s comp? In addition to the plumber’s license, they should also be insured in the event any damage occurs while they are working. Also, worker’s comp insurance protects you and the plumber from any onsite injuries that may occur.
3. How many years have you been in business? This is important because if they have been in business for many years, that means they have the expertise and experience to fix your problem. It also means they implement good business practices, which is why they have been in business for so long.
4. Are you bonded? If you have a plumbing job over $500 this will protect you in the event the terms of the contract are not met by the plumber. You will want to make sure the bond covers the entire job or the cost to redo the job.
5. Do you have references? If the company is reputable they will be able to provide you with many references of happy customers to verify or vouch for their expertise and quality workmanship.
6. Have you worked on this type of problem before? Don’t be shy to ask this question, because it will help you gauge their expertise and whether or not they have tackled a problem like this before.
7. What caused this problem? This can help you in getting a better understanding of something you may have done, or educate you on symptoms to look for in the future.
8. Do you charge an hourly or fixed rate for your service call? This is where the pricing can differ significantly. A fixed-rate plumber will give you a flat rate fee and they use their expertise to gauge the amount of time it will take to complete the job. An hourly rate plumber will charge you a rate per hour and at times could prolong a job to charge you more money.
9. Do you warranty or provide guarantees on your work? Most plumbers will provide a warranty or guarantee a job, however, if they find another issue that they make the homeowner aware of, and the homeowner does not act on that issue that guarantee may no longer be valid. If they are making you aware of another issue, they typically know that it will fail soon.


Choosing the best Plumbing Contractor in Jacksonville FL for your specific needs can be as easy as asking the right questions. Also never make a decision on a plumber just because they have the lowest rate, often times they are probably not the right plumbing company for you. Some plumbers may offer low hourly rates, and in turn charge, additional equipment fees, and travel fees and prolong the job so they can charge you more, in turn, is more expensive than other quotes. When evaluating quotes make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Just remember reputation, years in business and the proper licensing and coverage will always be the best option to protect your home, business, and your wallet.

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